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Dog Bite Prevention

Christina Reichert FNP –BC

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We all love our family pets but a dog bite injury can range from minor to major so it’s important to remember….the jaws of a dog are strongand can inflict serious tissue damage!!  Injuries often involve the head and neck or major organs in children. A few basic tips on recognizing aggressive or fearful canine behaviors may help prevent dog bite injuries.

Who is most likely to be bitten by a dog?

  1. Postal carriers
  2. Elderly
  3. Children

Answer….C. Children

Why are dog bites most likely to occur with children?

  1. Children can be unpredictable making loud noises, spastic movements and even steal their toys. This may cause fear and frustration in the pooch!
  2. Playfully, children may poke at their eyes, tug at the tails and ears causing pain for our furry friends.

How to prevent dog bites?

  1. Socialize your dog with other animals and people.
  2. Teach children – The Rules!
    1. Never run up to dogs they do not know
    2. Never pull on a tail or an ear of any dog
    3. Never disturb a dog while eating or sleeping
    4. Never play with dog unsupervised
    5. Never take a dog’s toy
    6. Never throw things at a dogs
    7. Always ask the owner if you can pet or feed a dog

What to do if you bitten?

  1. Do I need treatment?
    1. Yes, go to Emergency Department or Urgent Care or your primary care physician for evaluation
    2. Yes, an antibiotic treatment may be necessary as well as x-ray and wound cleaning
  2. Do I need immunization?
    1. Rabies treatment may be necessary.

 How to recognizing aggressive behaviors in dogs?

The following behaviors may communicate fear or frustration:

  1. Hackles are up …hair on their back
  2. Snarling, growling and showing teeth
  3. Barking…low pitch
  4. Stiff tail wag lifted high or low between legs
  5. Holding head high or showing neck
  6. Glaring eyes
  7. Slow tail sweep low to ground – dog is analyzing situation
  8. Ears bent forward or lowered back

So be safe!! Remember – adopting a pet at your local animal shelter is good for the soul.

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